The shamelessly romantic colour palette

8th February 2022

Our brides often ask us how they can add colour and interest to their classic wedding flower palette without detracting too far from the simplicity and sophistication of timeless shades of ivory, nude and barely-there blush.

We always love the understated elegance of a very muted palette. When introducing a slightly more complex colour mix into a bridal scheme, adding a touch of a deep plum, pretty raspberry pink or lilac mauve often works brilliantly.

The romantic mauve and lilac accents have become ever more popular since Ultra Violet was named Pantone colour of the year in 2018. Thanks to its versatility and sense of intrigue, this shade has penetrated every corner of the design world including flower design and has certainly gained popularity in the wedding world. We often enjoy including delicate shades of very pale lilac, silvery grey mauve and dusky purple within a classic scheme to create an end result that is unashamedly romantic and very lovely.

These beautiful shades tie in very well with our passion for the luxe garden look which we always like to think of in terms of the ultimate herbaceous garden border. The combination of mixed nude colours, soft pinks and gentle shades of mauve is super sophisticated and is the scheme of choice for many a show garden and stately home. Perfect for a wedding!

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